Active Wear

Activewear has become an important part of what Eximpo provides. If you’re looking for apparel to wear at the gym, for yoga, cool fitted and performance driven clothing, we can source, manufacture and deliver what you need so you can break that sweat and not feel it at all. Most of our active wear is made of performance fabrics giving our products the functionality it and you need to feel cool and relaxed.

Fashion Wear

Eximpo has focused heavily on fashion wear lines. By designing fashion forward apparel with interesting and stylish fabrics, we offer the latest fashion trends that are making headways in New York, Paris and London. Our design efforts include using the study of color trends, fabric trends and other fashion services that allow us to foresee the up and coming trends and over them in time to our customers. As quickly as fashion changes Eximpo is there to lend some stability and offer value added fashion apparel.




Casual Knit

The first in the line of what Eximpo produced and sourced, the casual line is very much what we are known for. Whether in the conventional, natural performance or blended fabrics, we offer a wide range of casual apparel in for menswear, ladies wear and children wear. These fabrics make you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease with your surrounding environment.