Garment Buying Agent

Rapid changes in media, transport and communications technology have made the world economy more interconnected now than in any previous period of history. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of textile manufacture and clothing distribution. Consumers want fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Much of high street fashion is produced in various countries across the world. Businesses source clothes from countries like India, China and Bangladesh because of lower material and labor costs in these countries. In order to meet consumer demand, we work with manufacturers around the world.

We can offer value for money by:

•sourcing products efficiently

•making clothes with simpler designs

•using local fabrics and trims

•focusing on the most popular sizes

•buying in volume

•not spending heavily on advertising.


Eximpo Canada’s business growth comes from meeting these customer needs whilst continuing to expand new customers/designers/retailer and move into new markets.

Our business ethics

Business has a responsibility to society. Business ethics are rules of conduct and principles and patterns of behavior in business dealings that involve ‘doing the right thing’. Part of this responsibility is to look after the wider community involved in the business process, including employees, across the globe. We work with many third party suppliers and has a key concern to source ethically. Eximpo Canada is very clear about where it stands on business ethics.

Providing consumers with ethically sourced garments

In other words, this means making sure that, throughout the supply chain, Eximpo’s goods are manufactured under good conditions and the employees in those factories are treated well. Important business principles for Eximpo Canada include respecting human rights and setting guidelines for appropriate conditions of employment in its suppliers’ factories. Eximpo Canada has over 10 major suppliers in 3 countries.

Eximpo Canada is committed to making sure that its partners, both factories and suppliers, also act responsibly towards their employees.

Typically, textiles are manufactured in low-wage/high manual skill economies such as are found mostly in the developing world.

Factories in countries such as Bangladesh or China may supply a range of retailers and brands, producing goods according to each individual retailer’s specifications. In these circumstances, the factory sets the same wage rate to employees, regardless of which retailer the goods are for. At least 95% of the factories supplying Eximpo Canada also produce for other high street retailers.

Eximpo Canada works to ensure ethical sourcing in a number of ways. It has an Ethical Trade Director, whose role is to make sure Eximpo’s goods are sourced ethically and who leads a team of ethical managers and executives based in the key sourcing countries.

Eximpo Canada is able to offer value and low prices because its business model is based on high sales volumes and lower retail margins with minimal advertising. The company keeps costs down by buying large quantities of items and enjoying the economies of scale resulting from buying in bulk. In addition, retail prices are kept low through lean production and efficient operational practices.

Our Team

It would be my prime privilege to introduce our company, “Eximpo Canada” as a reliable and efficient Garment (RMG) Exporter, Garment Buying Agent with sourcing, QC and Merchandising office located in Dhaka and Toronto. . We have been related to garments and textile business since 2001. We have our own Merchandising team to follow up all the sourcing of different materials from fabric  to all accessories. We also have very professional in house QA team to carryout all the production as per the required AQL labels/Standard of our Buyers for their satisfaction. Similarly we have very professional production team to execute the manufacturing process with smooth and on time delivery.

Our distinctive position in manufacturing on strength of our skilled merchandisers, designers and Quality Controllers for global business and flexibility of our process, which provides a quick turn around of samples and bulk. This enables the entire production process to be effectively quality controlled. Thus we maintain the high standards of quality garments for our valued customers.

We are engaged to maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always try to adopt the most effective and latest technology available.