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How is a T-Shirt Made?

Pick up the t-shirt closest to you, and look at it carefully. What material was used, what is the shape of the t-shirt, and what does the printing look like?

Tshirt creation consists of those 3 areas:

1. Cotton from the mill
2. Cutting the cotton into the shape of the T-shirt
3. Printing an image onto the T-shirt.

This is how we make a t-shirt, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of different options in each area.

1. The cotton from the Mill

We worked with the laboratory at the mill to come up with the 12 colours we print on. All the 100% cotton we use, is kept in large rolls of grey material, and when we require a specific colour, it is dyed to the colours we need. However, our mill keeps stock of black and white cotton for us on hand, as these are the colours we use most often.

2. Cutting the cotton into the T-shirts

When we need to increase our stock of t-shirts, the cotton colour of our choice is moved from the mill to the CMT. A CMT stands for Cut Make Trim and is responsible for taking the tshirt pattern we give them, and cutting the cotton into the T-shirts.

3. Printing the image onto the T-shirt

The blank t-shirts are now moved to the printing company, where the images are screen printed onto the T-shirts. Before the screen printing can take place, the correct colours for the images have to be worked out using a method know as pantones. Screen printing is expensive if you are only doing a few T-shirts, but the quality of the screen printed t-shirts is currently better than the other methods such as Vinyl printing and Direct to Garmet Printing.

The T-shirts are then brought to our warehouse, where they are sorted, checked, and then checked again so that we ensure that any damaged or reject t-shirts are removed, as we wouldn’t want our customers to be receiving a t-shirt that isn’t 100%. Once the double checking is finished, the t-shirts are packed onto the shelves, matched with the orders, and sent to the customers as quickly as possible.

Eric Edelstein is an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur with a number of international success stories which can be seen at http://www.EricEdelstein.com His latest venture is crowd sourcing website http://www.springleap.com, where the T-shirts the company manufactures and sells, are decided via monthly competitions, where the designers enter competitions, and the general public vote on which ones should be made.

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Bridal Fabrics

Your Choice In Bridal Fabrics

The selection in bridal fabrics available to every bride has grown at a rapid rate and while you may have once been stuck choosing between a small handful of different fabrics, you can now choose from a much greater number. Happily, modern fabrics are tough, strong, and resilient, while also being beautiful and easy to work with although the exact qualities of the fabric will ultimately depend on exactly which fabric
you opt for.


Silk is one of the most commonly used bridal fabrics because of its classic, beautiful look. Its elegance is often combined with other materials in order to enjoy the benefits that both materials offer.


Rayon is considered a synthetic alternative to silk. It has many similar properties but the manufactured material is less expensive than silk and is also more elastic potentially giving it greater flexibility than its natural counterpart.


Satin is densely woven silk. It usually has a sheen on one side which makes any wedding dress appear even more glamorous. Satin can be used to create contemporary looking wedding dresses as well as classical ones.


Chiffon is often used as extra layers on a wedding dress, for sleeves or for wraps and overskirts. Chiffon can be made from silk but this can prove expensive, and a chiffon made from rayon can give a similar look and feel without having to bump up the price of the dress too

Brocade And Damask

Brocade has proven a popular bridal fabric especially for winter weddings. The fabric is Jacquard woven and also includes an ornate raised design. Damask may also be used for winter weddings; both fabrics offer extra warmth against the elements without sacrificing looks.

Bridal Fabrics

There are many other bridal fabrics as well as slight variations on the majority of them. Choosing the right fabric means finding one that offers the combination you need. Silk is expensive but looks stunning, while rayon is less expensive and more flexible. Some materials are only available in a limited choice of colours while others enable you to pick from a whole gamut of hues depending on your taste, preference, and requirements for the big day.

Carringtonbride.co.uk specialise in supplying only the best bridal fabric at extremely competitive prices. Visit our site for more information about our bridal fabrics .

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Bring out your personality wearing stylish men’s t-shirts

Men’s t-shirts are the most popular outfits over time and a must have in any stylish man’s wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile and fashionable. They can be casual or formal, depending on the style and design. You can find an array of trendy t-shirts in online stores in different styles, such as polo t-shirt, round neck t-shirt, crew t-shirt, V-neck t-shirt and scoop neck t-shirt and so on. The t-shirts made of high quality material can be worn all around the year. You can layer the t-shirts or wear them alone. The stylish t-shirts pair up well with almost with anything and add to your smart look.

If you want to look cool and stylish, off white men’s t-shirts are the best for you. Off white t-shirts are available with quirky and funny prints, which make them a truly excellent new piece in your wardrobe. Team it up with blue denim jeans to offer a relaxed look. Wearing it with formal black trousers can offer a classic power look. You can go for off white t-shirt that features crew neck to add some glamour to your look. The off white t-shirts test your creativity. It is up to you as to what occasion you want to wear it to and how you want to look. The t-shirts are made of 100% pure cotton that keeps you in comfort throughout the day.

Polo men’s t-shirts available in lovely colours like olive and purple let you look your best. They are made of pure cotton that helps you get soft comfort and look fresh, no matter how harsh the weather is. Striped polo t-shirts are versatile and help you make the best impression in your personal and professional life. You can also go for waffle polo t-shirts with contrast button detailing that helps you look great even at the end of a tiresome day. You never know when you may have the opportunity to meet your soul mate. You may meet her at the grocery store, restaurant or cinema theatre. Hence, it is worth to choose from the assorted range of polo t-shirts available online and look trendy and relaxed, and, above all, stylishly attractive and irresistible.

Striped long sleeve men’s t-shirt will surely become your wardrobe staple soon. You can opt for the t-shirt that features bold stripes and V-neck to impress your counterpart greatly. These t-shirts are made of fine cotton and they require very little maintenance. The t-shirts are available in various sizes, so you can easily choose the one that gives you the most comfortable fit. Wear it with jeans or casual trousers and look smart on all occasions.

Scoop neck t-shirt suits almost all body types. It is elegant and fashionable. It enhances your stylish look. Black never goes out of fashion and it goes well with most of your pants, jeans and trousers. You can pick washed black crew neck men’s t-shirts made of cotton and polyester mix material to look cool and fresh all through the day. They are highly versatile and are ideal for work, casual, activity and many other occasions.

Are you interested in bringing out your personality? For all you need to know about the best men’s t-shirts, visit mensclothingshop.net

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Conair Compact Fabric Steamer

Many people are now in favor of garment steamers. They know that iron is not as reliable as steamers are. Despite that, they seem to favor the modern compact models. These are much more reliable because they are quick and easy to use. Many brands that make them are available, including Conair and Steamfast. Conair compact fabric steamer models are numerous and each has its advantages. They are typically good because they do not flatten your garments as flat irons do.


These machines generate steam that relaxes cloth fibres. Since Conair is a famous name, you should not fear buying its products. All its products feature high quality construction and thus they are durable. What is more, you can use its steamers to straighten out wrinkled silks, wools, velvets and other delicate fabrics. Moreover, you can use them to press curtains, clothes and other fabrics. Amazingly, none of its machines can burn or scorch your clothes. In fact, most of these steamers offer excellent results.


Its machines are even the best if you own clothes that are made of flammable fabrics. They use steam to relax cloth fibers, unlike a flat iron that uses heat. Do you know why the name compact? A Conair compact fabric steamer has a compressed build to ease storage. This makes it convenient in case you do not have a very big space. Even larger compact models do not consume a big space. Conair boasts huge popularity today, as people are happy about its original quality products.


They have many companionable features and thus they fit people with hasty lifestyles. These can help you get ready in minutes especially in the mornings. You can use a steamer to remove creases on clothes quickly and safely. Even though an iron can work too, it forces you to be careful not to burn clothes. The result of this is that you will spend more time ironing clothes and probably get late for work. A steamer on the other had is gentler on your garments and it only takes a few minutes to heat the water in the reservoir.


Then, it gets all ready to straighten out your official or casual wear. Note that each machine has a different strength heater. Some have a 1200 watts heater and others have a 1500 watts heater. If you want to buy one of these machines, researching will help you. Conair offers so many models that you might find it difficult to choose one. Make sure that you read all the available product reviews before ordering any item. You can find enough steamer reviews on the Internet. Besides, conducting a thorough research can help you find cheaper items.


With more and more Internet shops coming up everyday, you cannot possibly miss a good item. Do yourself a big favor and research properly so you can find reputable vendors as well. Conair compact fabric steamer styles offer different advantages. First, you have to examine your special needs and then order the most appropriate item. These wonderful products are completely stress free in terms of usage. Even beginners cannot have any trouble using their compact garment steamers.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from fabric steamer to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

Japanese T-Shirt Design and Trends

The Japanese T-Shirts are different from others as they are made with better creative blend of art and garments. It is the most common fashion in Japan. The Japanese methods of designing have special features that make the garments unique from others. These garments are very famous among the younger generations and fashion designers. The designers learn and work on the Japanese techniques and methods used to design and print on t-shirts.
The main advantage of the trends in Japan is that they have lively art trends that surprise other people. The main trend of Japanese garments and t-shirts are specially crafted with special and unique art of Japan. The arts that are designed on to the garments are new to the world. This is the main reason for professional western fashion designers are trying to learn their inspirations and techniques on designing the garment.
Nowadays, every single teen will have a t-shirt designed with art in their wardrobe. It has become more like mandatory to have such garments in the wardrobe. Many various art forms can be found on Japanese garments that are very much liked by the teens from all over the world. The Japanese trend looks like the next generation of trend for the western world.
The Japanese have special t-shirts with art designs on them for summer and winter. These designs are unique and different to the other parts of the world. They use latest technologies to design the garments with native innovations. The “Harajuku” style of t-shirts has its place in the fashion world. The demand for this style of designed garments is on rise today. It looks like everyone likes to wear the Japanese style of garments. These styles and designs are specially imprinted on the t-shirts and other garments with lot of care.  However, it is designed the world likes the Japanese styles and trends of garments.

The Japanese T-Shirts are different from others as they are made with better creative blend of art and garments. It is the most common fashion in Japan. The Japanese methods of designing have special features that make the garments unique from others. These garments are very famous among the younger generations and fashion designers. The designers learn and work on the Japanese techniques and methods used to design and print on t-shirts.

In order to find out more on T-shirt Design Printing and similar T-Shirt Design related resources, check out Design Contest which is an Online service where you can run a contest to get multiple designs for different services.

Steamfast Fabric Steamer

Without doubt, some technological advancement is very beneficial to all people around the globe. For instance, fabric steamers have eliminated the hassles of straightening out garments. Now you can discard your hot iron and buy one of the compact cloth steamers. Numerous models from various companies exist and Steamfast is one of them. If you are looking to buy, try a Steamfast fabric steamer and you will not regret it later on. This top brand is the favorite of most previous shoppers, as you would find out by reading steamer reviews.


One of the reasons why customers go for Steamfast products is because it offers versatile products. For instance, you can use most of its garment steamers to press all types of fabrics. They are suitable for pressing wools, silks, satins, and even the new age eco-friendly fabrics. You only require one machine to put your hassles to an end. Perhaps you still prefer using dry cleaner services or even your old hot iron. Currently, you do not have to continue spending too much money or time on cloth straightening and relaxing.


All you require is ordering this garment steamer once, and enjoy a bother free future. Hot irons are disadvantageous in a few ways. They could cause burns on clothes or make them shine, and both are embarrassing. A steamer, especially one from Steam fast prolongs the life of your clothes. It cannot scorch your garments because it uses steam. With a Steamfast fabric steamer, you can expect a professional quality outcome. One thing you have to know is that there are many models so far. Some are commercial steamers and they are usually huge and bulky.


Others are medium sized and meant for both businesses and homes’ use. The company also sells a range of small sized cloth steamers for travelers. The above is the general categorization of Steamfast and other top brand products. All of them are best at removing wrinkles quickly and conveniently. They also removes bad stench from your clothes not to mention they do not require you to buy an ironing board. If you buy compact styles, then storage cannot be a big problem.


Among the common features that these machines have are press pads, detachable fabric brush, different heat ranges, plugging cords, drain plug, water reservoir and so on. The features depend really on the type of model you desire to buy. Water reservoirs or tanks have varying capacities, dimensions and weight. This will all depend on the type of Steam fast equipment you want to order. Since the company offers a wide range of products, it is up to you to choose the most appropriate.


The easiest way of doing it is accessing and reading available product reviews. These are very many on websites such as Amazon and other reputable sites. Each available model has its favorite buyers already, and you should locate its reviews. Any typical Steamfast fabric steamer will give you good services. Besides, it does not cost a lot of money, not forgetting that most models have a warranty.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from Conair compact fabric steamer to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

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Professional Fabric Steamer

A garment steamer is very crucial equipment for most households. In a house where more than one person has to iron his or her clothes every morning, a steamer is more preferable. It saves time, offers brilliant results and protects your clothes. With a professional fabric steamer, everyone in your family can get ready for work, school or any other business quickly. Although you can achieve similar results with your flat iron, it could burn your clothes. Besides, an iron takes more time to complete a task that you can finish very fast by garment steamers.


If time is more important to you, then you cannot afford to waste it. Ironing is always part of your day, and you do spend some of your precious time doing it. Are you sick of burning clothes or of the embarrassing sheen that an iron can sometimes cause? If yes, it is time to put this to an end. You can enjoy your life by simply buying a professional fabric steamer. The following are brief advantages to this machine.


* It helps you straighten out creased clothing, upholsteries and curtains. It does this by generating steam, which cannot burn your garments.


* A fabric steamer gets rid of uncomfortable odors, such as smoke and thus they keep garments smelling fresh


* Just as ironing gets rid of harmful germs from clothes, steamers do the same


* Features an ergonomic handle that anyone can afford to hold


* If you are looking to buy a garment steamer, you can rule out the need for an ironing board.


* For quick and easy movement, most machines have roller casters


* Most of the models take only a short period to heat the water in the tank and to get your job done away with.


* They are user-friendly. As a beginner, you do not require any training to start using your new cloth steamer.


If you want to start enjoying use of a textile steamer, plan your goals first. These items have their differences even though they perform a similar task. A huge commercial use steamer can be quite expensive and perfect for many tasks. On the other hand, if you own a small tailoring business in your local area, then you should consider a medium sized garment steamer. This style is good for household use as well. Are you always on the move? A portable style is most suitable for you, as it is lightweight, fashionable and compact for easy storage.


Note that different machines feature a special heater with a given strength. For instance, some have a 1500 watts heater and they tend to be very powerful. Even the water reservoir or tank capacity is not similar and overall size in terms of dimensions differs. In addition, weight as a major consideration factor is different, and it depends on the item you intend to buy. Most products will also feature a safety switch and a drain plug. If you want to buy a professional fabric steamer today, try Conair and Steamfast models. These two top brands have very reliable, stylish and technologically advanced features.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from Steamfast fabric steamer to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

T-Shirts This Spring – What’s In and What’s Not

Everything we wear is now very much the way that we wish others to look at us. Such influences that fashion trends have on us, brings about everyone carrying their unique style as well as others needing to chase the style industry.
Current T-shirts that are popular at the moment include thin cotton t-shirts which have a drooped neck line on the front. Personally these t-shirtslook like someone has grabbed the t-shirt and stretched it by its neckline but as is the monster of fashion, these t-shirts are everywhere at present and expect to see more as the sun continues to shine!
Another popular t-shirt at the moment is also thin cotton and incorporates a thin cotton hood on the back from the t-shirt. Both of these varieties of t-shirts are plain in colour and pattern but prove to be very popular.

Geek Chic

For those who have seen an episode from the I.T Crowd, then you will know precisely the type of t-shirt I am talking about. These are comedy t-shirts often with a nerdy topic involved such as a computer virus or programming as the theme. They were originally found in the I.T department of companies worn by geeks but have grown to be mainstream and are now very fashionable whether the ‘originals’ like it or not.
These t-shirts may be found in any town centre throughout the country and often using a blend of technology ‘mumbo-jumbo’ and innuendo’s these style t-shirts possess some very original and funny designs.

This Summer

As a prediction for the coming summer I believe we will have an influx of ‘wife-beater’ t-shirts. These are effectively vest tops, but providing the weather holds out over the summer we will see a whole lot of such vest tops accompanied by flowery shorts this summer!
Along with the vest tops, I believe we’ll continue down the path of thin cotton t-shirts which allow you to breathe in the hot weather! A lot from the mainstream shops will be selling their versions of such plain t-shirts probably on some kind of group deal saver which you could buy 2/3 funny t-shirts for £10/$ 10!
The problem with fashion, unless you are Cheryl Cole where you can wear what you want and people will follow, is that you are always playing catchup! You can spend a fortune one week on clothes and they could be old-fashioned the following week! You are much better off sharing your personality with the world through the t-shirts that you like instead of what you are told is in!

This article was written by Alex Johnson, on behalf of T-Shirt.co.uk

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T-shirt Design Guidelines

We know that the people are very cautious on what they wear. Everyone likes to wear a custom t-shirt and I believe that everyone must have bought a custom t-shirt or pant in life. In most cases, you must have used a custom t-shirt in your school days or graduation days. It is true that people even buy custom t-shirts for special occasions and get together, to have a feeling all are one and friends forever especially among friends. We can find people wearing custom t-shirts events to promote or create awareness. I know that everyone likes to have own designs on the t-shirt. Therefore, this article will help you in buying such t-shirts on the internet.
Today, the internet has lot of influences on our lives in many forms. Internet is mostly used for entertainment, shopping, business and many other purposes. The most effective and innovative factor on the internet that is gaining popularity around the world is e-commerce. People like to buy and sell online at the comforts at home. Even in the recent economic recession did not affect the sales online. Indeed the sales grew during the recession.
There are mainly two main advantages of buying t-shirts online. The main advantage of buying garments online is that they are less expensive than the retailers stores. The online stores save money on rent, staff, security and inventory pass. This saved money makes them to sell their products for cheaper rates. In case you are buying bulk garments, you save more than 40% on the rates from the normal stores.
The most commonly used methods for printing are the screen-printing and digital printing. Screen-printing is the first method that man invented, which is cheap and reliable. If you select a design, the printer can create any number of custom t-shirts, as you need. The rates go less for the increase of quantity. This is why the screen-printing is still used as for bulk orders especially by schools and institutes.

In order to find out more on T-Shirt Designer and similar T-Shirt Design related resources, check out Design Contest which is an Online service where you can run a contest to get multiple designs for different services.

T-shirts Design And T-shirt Making Are A Rewarding As Well As Fulfilling Creativity

With the mind set becoming more liberal and flamboyant, the age of t-shirts is perhaps at its peak. This is not only considered as a dress material, but is being seen as a major style statement. A lot many people are wearing custom t-shirts without any limitation of the place. In parties, in outdoor shopping, in colleges, and in offices, even, the t-shirts are being seen.

Many people in these places are also seen to appreciate the t-shirts design of their friends. Sometimes, these designs are spoken about in the sly, even if they are not mentioned on the face. Many designer t-shirts are appreciated due to their uniqueness while some are made especially for this purpose. There is a versatility to the t-shirts that makes it so famous among people.

And people on their part flaunt their t-shirts design at various occasions and places. Some like to go out completely dressed in a funk style, while some keep it sober. Some like fewer designs on the front or the back while many custom t-shirts are out and out stylish. As the sale of t-shirts increases, both through the shop and through the online stores, more innovation is being brought into the making of the t-shirts.

Those who have been in the habit of wearing the t-shirts would agree that the t-shirts have had their shares of change. This change is clearly visible from various alterations in the trend of wearing the t-shirts and the occasions of wearing them. With changing trends, the designs and color as well as the stitching patterns have been changing. Something that was a hot selling design in the early part of the century is no more a favorite. Instead, there is something new in the pattern and the color of the designer t-shirts.

People are able to design the t-shirts by themselves, thus trying to make alterations in the t-shirts. Some companies are selling the custom t-shirts by pre-order so that the designs and color are as per the wearer. Even the prints on the t-shirts are something which has gone a major change.

Various themes are etched out or put on the t-shirts front or back and they are worn in groups, expressing a message. It is nothing but innovation that has marked the changes in t-shirt styles and designs. And the people behind the innovations are ordinary people who have an interest for t-shirts and are creative enough to play with the choices of people.

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