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Pros And Cons Of Buying Shopping Bags In Wholesale Quantity

For almost any business involved in retail, it always makes sense to buy in bulk quantities.  This does not mean though that such a tactic would work every time for the betterment of the business.  There are times when it would be a better strategy to buy in small quantities.  When it comes to retail packaging like shopping bags, a business owner should therefore weigh the pros and cons of buying these items in bulk quantities.

To come to the right decision, it is important to look at the reasons why one choice would be a better solution than the other.  With that said, let us look at the inherent advantages and disadvantages of buying retail packaging like shopping bags in bulk.

The very first thing that comes to mind when buying in bulk is that you can save a lot of money.  The manufacturer or supplier of said products would be able to sell you their products at a lower rate if you buy them in bulk as that would make it easier for them to gain back their investment.  In any business, cutting down on costs is a main objective which is why this move makes a lot of sense.

Another advantage in buying shopping bags in large quantities is that you will virtually eliminate those shortages of packaging.  The immediate availability means you do not have to worry about running out of these bags on very busy seasons.  You can even schedule when the supplier would deliver the items to you which would lessen the number of things you have to worry about in running your business.

On the flipside, by buying these things in bulk, you would be required to have a place to store them in.  Good if you have a spacious facility which would allow you to store the bags in safety until they are needed.  If you have limited floor space though, you could be forced to rent a place to keep all your supplies or keep them at home which could clutter your living space.

There is also the risk of the items being damaged before you could put them to use.  If you ordered plenty of paper bags for example and there is massive flooding in your area, you could be left with nothing but paper pulp.


By learning the advantages and disadvantages of buying retail packaging in bulk, you would not only have a better idea which is the best choice.  You can also prepare for the worst like making sure that the shopping bags are safe and protected while in storage.

Danica Green is a marketing expert who firmly believes that choosing the appropriate shopping bags and good retail packaging for a retail business is crucial in creating a positive business image in the market. She currently writes about how investing in wholesale shopping bags could help your business boost sales and keep customers coming back to you.   

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Tshirt druckerei – Get a stand out, custom T-shirts at Shirtbomb

Shirtbomb is engaged in the business of designing and manufacturing an exquisite range of custom T-shirts for Men, women and kids. Customized t-shirts are T-shirts which are designed the way you want. They are comfortable, affordable, and you get full control on how it’s to be designed. What color do you want? What design do you have in mind? One of your favorite photo, something meaningful? If you now get the idea, it’s easy to conclude that there is no limit as to the possible t-shirt configurations you can come up with, and which can transform your wardrobe without costing you too much. It’s really very easy to get your very own custom T-shirt.

You need not worry about the design part. Some of the artsy individuals take advantage of custom T-shirts to be able to wear their own creative works of art, you can still stand out in a custom T-shirt without having to come up with your own design. At Shirtbomb, we are offering several existing designs you can choose from, then you can add your own captions or quotations to make the design of your own. Once you have designed your shirt, you can place the order, send in your payment and wait for your T-shirt to come.

Shirts gestalten : The whole process is barely any effort at all, but the resulting custom T-shirt will definitely turn heads. The T-shirt printing services which are utilized by Shirtbomb is of no different from what the T-shirt factories all over the world are using. On the commercial front, custom t-shirts also playing a major role, and it’s becoming more and more dominant lately. As the industry gets more and more cluttered and as the economy gets worse, the need to find an effective and not costly advertising and promotional tool which will generate as much reach and response without elevating the expenses is becoming even more urgent.

Custom jerseys have offered the solution.

This can be a great tool for promoting a brand, a product, or an event. We are committed to offering fine quality products to our customers. In order to accomplish this, we are scrutinizing our production right from procuring raw materials to final stage of consignment dispatch. Our range of products includes T- shirts for boys, girls and kids. We are offering our range in various fabrics, different fabric finishes, extensive specifications of printing and colors and impeccable embellishment. Further, we are offering custom-solutions at most competent industry prices to our clients.

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T-Shirt Drucken bei Shirtbomb Düsseldorf! T-Shirt selbst gestalten, eigenes Bild oder Logo hochladen und wir fertigen es nach euren Wüsnchen an.

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Wholesale T-Shirts – Why Sell Urban T-Shirts For Your Wholesale T-Shirt Business?

In the T-Shirt business the most important indicator of new trends are what young people wear. It is important to know that any design in any product is in some way a bridge to the inner youth of the artist. It is therefore logical to consider that even in the T-shirt industry art is the most important component of marketing. You will have to sell what is considered as an art masterpiece.

If the latest trend now are designs that expose the wacky and crazy side of people such as quotes and funny situations, expect that the next trend will be the urban tee. Before I dwell on it further, let me explain why it is called as such. Urban tees are those that are worn by people in the street particularly in New York. These are worn by young people who like the hip-hop genre. Urban tees are actually the silent exclamations of the youth in New York. The designs are graphic and usually show the hidden emotions go of the person wearing it.

The question then is why should you be ready to sell it once it hits the consciousness of T-Shirt enthusiasts. Here are the reasons.

1. It is the New Trend

I mentioned that in this industry it is the fashion trend that will make or break you. This is the single most important reason why urban tees should be your next target. They are what the young people are starting to wear. Hence, it is just a matter of time that other people will start to knock inside their inner youth and demand for urban tees.

2. The Range of Customers is Big

People who will use this tees will probably range form age 13 to 35. Now that is a huge age demographic that you will cater to. The best thing about this demographic is that the population of most cities in the world is considered young and falls within this age range. Now that is one big population to cater to and make money out of.

3. Everyone wants Distinctiveness

Urban tees are the expressions of emotions of the people who wear it. Now for a huge population range you cannot possibly print and design for each one. What you can do is have designs that are general in theme but are unique to an individual. Say for example a design that says Love but with a black rose in it. For some people it has no meaning but for some it has. For such a huge population to cater to hitting even half of it is profitable.

4. Pricing depends on the Design and not the Brand

You will be able to sell quality plain t-shirts that are cheap at a higher price because of the design. Yes, when you go to urban tees chances are you can give a higher price tag for the more elaborate designs than the simple ones. The best thing about this is that people will not complain about the price because the shirts themselves are work of art and any product that is borne out of an artist is considered valuable.

These are just some reasons why Urban tees are the next frontier in t-shirts. Still, it is your call if you want to venture in selling Urban tees in your Wholesale T-shirt business.

Brand Name Wholesale

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As Reviewed by BBC News: Brand Name Wholesalers

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How Would You Benefit From Wholesale Mailing Bags And Other Packages?

Starting up a business is hard but maintaining it is a lot harder.You have to cut costs and be able to manage your finances as well as deal with the growth of your company.Most businesses would need several forms of packages such as mailing bags, boxes, envelopes and the likes.

These companies may deal with the price hike several times and will not be able to cope up if they don’t have a form of strategy on how to manage the costs.Do you have to increase your product’s rates just to manage the overhead? That would mean changes for your customers and several unexpected changes may have a negative impact on your reputation hence,your success may also be altered.

Why Go Wholesale On Your Packaging Needs:

• Because it can save you more money

Did you know that ordering in bulk could save you more money than getting a few numbers of packages at a time? If you need to use anything that would enclose your products and you do not have a department that would manufacture the packages, the need to buy packaging is a must.Most companies would provide you discounts once you use their services exclusively.And these companies may also provide you discounts on packages such as cardboard boxes , wrap etc.when you buy in wholesale.That is a fact that you must take advantage of.

• Because it can save you time

Time is essential for any businesses and this is one of the things that you can save when buying in large numbers.How would you save time on this process? Because you don’t have to order several times once the supplies last.You have a lot of stocks when it comes to your packaging needs.

Moreover, the need to call and order for some more is minimized.There will be no long process of making your purchase as well as waiting for it to get delivered.No more are the occurrences that the production is on hold just because you ran out of packages to contain your manufacture.

• Because it is convenient

How would you like to call your production department only to be informed that there are no stocks on the packages anymore? What if you have to check on it every time? These instances are reduced when you opt to buying in larger orders.You will have more time to deal with other things regarding your company without the need to think of random things such as getting a new supply of envelop, mailing bags, boxes etc.

This way, many things can be done with your time or your staffs’ for that matter. In any type of business, people around it should be able to manage their tasks well.If their work is disrupted by things that are not so important such as lack of office supplies, then production can be affected.Do you want to jeopardize the success of your company just because of the little things? A definite no should be your answer.

Do you want to get to know a good packaging company? Visit and see how you can save money on mailing bags or cardboard boxes now.

A fabric of art

The weave art has flourished through the courses of history. Varieties and innovations added a whole new dimension to the traditional textile industry. Though many techniques has been implemented to bring variety to an ordinary textile, still Embroidery work is regarded as perfect for adding beauty to any dull textile or fabric. It is a very highly regarded form of art which is always in demand among the consumers. Magnifying the beauty of textile embroidery is not just limited to apparels but has expanded to home furnishing products also like , embroidered cushion cover, embroidered scarf & stole , embroidered wall hangings etc. In response to the growing popularity of embroidered products, nowadaysthey are manufactured all over the world. Be it Europe, Africa, the American continents or Asia they all have their own range of products to offer to the consumers who are mesmerised by its beauty.

India being a country of colour and design is regarded as a rich source of embroidered products. The works of the Indian artisans reflect the rich heritage and culture of this country. Indian embroidered products have a massive demand at the international international fashion front Indian art like Zardozi, kantha, mirror and chikankari embroidery are all popular and considered best for enhancing the beauty of any fabric. With the help of various designers this art of India has gained its global popularity. Following many innovations through the years, at present embroidery is popular on fabrics likecotton and rayon as well as in traditional wool, linen, and silk.

Even ribbon embroidery is gaining popularity.

We are determined to give you a taste of this art with the help of our textile handicrafts. From our cushion covers to wall hangings, find the different form of embroidery of India enlightening your home décor. The beautiful art and the marvellous creativity of the artisans will surely keep you spell bound.

For further details log on to:

Wholesale T-Shirts Buying Guide

The number of websites selling wholesale t-shirts can be overwhelming. In this article I will address some of the issues related to buying wholesale clothing. Here are some things that you should not do, and things that I would recommend. As well as guidelines that you should use to chose the correct supplier.

First of all I think we need to establish what type of clothing you are looking for.

There are 2 questions that when answered will tell you quite a bit about the type of company you are looking for:

The shirts you are looking for, are they printed or blank? If printed, are you looking for a particular design or are you looking for someone to do the printing for you?

If the shirts are blank, then are you willing to buy in bulk? When starting a clothing company, having t-shirts printed or outfitting an existing group, you should buy in bulk. This is commonsense but the more you buy the better the price you should get.

Some companies will automatically give better prices according to the dollar amount purchased, or the quantity purchased. I believe that a company who allows the dollar amount to affect the discount is the better option. You can reach the discount threshold on a number of different products, and are not forced to buy a large number of one product when it is not needed. Either way if the company does not offer discounts then there is no benefit to buying in bulk and they are not a wholesale supplier.

There are also the brick and mortar stores that you could buy from. The pros and cons of these stores are about the same for any industry. You can go in and see the product. Feel it, try it on and of course go home with it the same day. The biggest downfall to these stores is that in most cases the overhead associated with a physical showroom prevents them from offering the kind of prices that you can find online. They have to make their lease or mortgage payment, pay their employees and stock their shelves. When you add advertising and utilities, it is almost impossible with them to compete with online stores, let alone online wholesale stores.

I have heard some people talking about the great price on t-shirts they saw at one of those big-box retailers. The prices were about $ 7 per shirt. This is about $ 5 more per piece than you will find online.

What about shipping? In many cases this is the deciding factor, and to a lot of people is a big reason why they will not shop online, second only to security. I would agree with these people. The problem is that many people keep their shipping prices hidden until the checkout process. Look for FREE SHIPPING. It does not have to be free on every order but there should be a breaking point. If I am going to spend $ 300 with a company I want to get my stuff shipped for free. This is not an unreasonable request. Some clothing suppliers do not offer free shipping ever. The problem is that they get free shipping from the manufacturer or supplier if the order is over a specified dollar value. Why are they not passing that on to you? I will let you answer that question. Offering good prices and free shipping on orders over a certain amount is what you should look for. This however may not apply to orders that are going to be screen printed or embroidered. This is because the company will have to ship the order 2 times. They have to ship it to themselves, so it can be altered, and then to you when it is done. They should not charge you for both of the shipping charges.

If you are going to have your clothing screen printed or embroidered, here are some suggestions.You should give yourself a minimum a two-week turn around period. If you need your apparel before 2 weeks I would recommend buying from an online supplier, and taking the clothing to a local company who has a schedule that is open enough to accommodate your deadline. You can usually get a better price from an online store than a screen-printing and embroidery shop. Some of these companies will not allow you to supply your own apparel, but in my experience most do not care. There should not be a delay when buying online. Many online merchants will ship directly to the company you have chosen to do the work.

Be careful when ordering. Online wholesalers typically do not operate a traditional store, and even if they do chances are you did not walk in to buy your merchandise. So returns and exchanges and not handled in a brick and mortar fashion. Make sure that you are happy with the size, color, quantity and model before placing your order. Or you will be subjected to a restocking fee and return shipping costs.

In conclusion buying from an online clothing wholesaler will save you money. You may not get to see the actual t-shirts or try them on. However if you are buying a brand that you are familiar with the only concern is size and color, but with color and sizing charts this can be less of a concern. Shipping time and cost should be carefully considered. Try to get free shipping where you can. Remember to look for SSL (https://) so that you know your credit card details are safe. And look for friendly toll free customer support.

Darren H is a web application developer and graphic artist who has shifted his focus to the screen printing and embroidery industry. He is currently the webmaster for Outlet Shirts where his days are spent using customer input to create an easy to use Wholesale T-Shirt website.

He can be reached through the Outlet Shirts website.

Article Source:

The Difference Between Jute Bags and Cotton Bags

When it comes to being more earth friendly, consumers are always at a lost on which to buy when it comes to jute or cotton bags as they are both beneficial in so many ways. Both cotton and jute bags have the same green credentials. While jute is more on the social responsibility side, cotton is more on the organic side for the planet. Here is a breakdown on the benefits of jute and cotton bags:

The benefits of jute:

Strength- Jute bags are more robust and stronger than organic cotton as cotton is softer and thinner-not really good elements for a sturdy bag.

Pricing- Jute is found in more tropical countries and these countries often have a lower cost of living and although jute production is quite labor intensive, the lower cost of labor makes jute bags quite cheap. When compared to cotton production and manufacturing, their production and freight is costlier. Though that, if you compare heavier grades of cotton, jute bags are more economical.

Social responsibility- Jute is often grown in Bangladesh, India and Thailand. It’s production is labor intensive because it is not suitable for mechanical harvesting unlike cotton therefore jute production supports a huge number of small farming communities.

Natural fiber- Jute is a completely natural fiber just like cotton thus making is biodegradable and compost friendly. Once they have reached their expiration date or cannot be used as a bag anymore, they are used at its final stages in the soil to enhance soil fertility. Because of this, jute has a very low environmental carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly growing practices- Jute farmers rarely or never use chemicals and jute is normally grown in areas that it can grow naturally. Trees are rarely cut down to make way for jute farming and there is also little chemical load placed on the soil from jute growing.

UV Protective- If you are looking for a more UV protective option, then jute bags are your best bet. These bags are more UV protective than organic cotton which also makes it good for clothing production.

Insulation from heat- Apart from being UV protective, jute bags also offer a cost-effective and short-term solution for minimizing heat that are exposed to your goods. While they don’t match up to insulated cooler bags, these bags offer a short-term solution and is much favored by butchers and green grocers.

Softness- Jute bags are more sturdy because of its earthy texture which is certainly rougher than cotton bags but it does allow for a better hold.

Promotional- Because of its green credentials, its sturdiness and benefits of jute, it is a good promotional product for your company. Jute promotional bags work well for concept stores that have products that are earth friendly, or going for the reuse and recycle concept.

Wash-ability- Compared to cotton bags, jute bags are not always washable. These bags are produced with or without plastic lining so if it comes with plastic lining, it is easily wiped out.

Discount is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from beer mugs and champagne flutes to drinking glasses and tote bags.

Benefits of T-shirts screen printing

Uniform logos are used as an effective means for making any business recognizable in the market. They are very crucial for any organization because they display the goals and values by attracting probable customers with their presentation. They must be designed properly with care because they are an important part of a flourishing business.

Uniform logos must be designed in such a way that they make good impression on your customers. They will do an outstanding marketing for your business. They will help you enjoy effective brand promotion and development.

There are a few rules that you must consider while designing uniform logos for your company. You must keep them as simple as possible. Making them simple will make it easy for your customers to remember them. They must be made in such a manner that they are easily recognized by people. Next thing to consider while designing uniform logos is the color. Color plays very important role in their designing because they must look logical according to the style of your business.

You can search for some good companies on the Internet that help their clients with good uniform logos. You can visit several websites of these companies to know more about their products and services. Apart form helping their clients with uniform logos, these online companies help their clients with Ontario t-shirts screen printing services. With the help of professional online resources, you can use your creativity to use screen printing on many of your personal items including t-shirts, pens, caps and mugs. You can also buy t-shirts in bulk from these companies as they even deal in them.

You can use these t-shirts as promotional giveaways and tradeshow gift items. Once you gather enough information about these companies, you must narrow down your search to 5 or 6 companies. You must contact them personally to know more about their products and services. Recommendations from friends, co-workers and neighbors can also help you to locate a few companies that deal in uniform logos. You must prefer dealing with an online company that holds good repute in the market of uniform logos and t-shirts screen printing.

For more information on uniform logos, cheap T-shirts Ontario, T-shirts wholesale Toronto and Ontario T-shirts screen printing, please visit

Tees ‘N’ More offers Promo items,and Customized t-shirts Ontario.There are a few rules that you must consider while designing uniform logos for your company.

Top 7 Environmental Benefits of Jute

Article by Sam John

As being a 100 percent bio-degradable stuff, jute does not cause any harm to our environment and is completely safe to our planet. Thus if we use jute, we also contribute to help our environment to be pollution free. There are many characteristics, properties and benefits of jute which can prompt you to include jute in your lifestyle and living pattern. Some of them are as follows:

1. Jute takes very less time to decompose and mix into the soil after we dump it, unlike poly bags which takes thousands of years to disintegrate. Jute decomposes into water, carbon dioxide and other non toxic material which do not harm our environment. It decomposes fast into the elements found in nature within a reasonably short period of time after the disposal.

2. Jute is also sustainable and renewable resource that means we can sustain the supply of jute and jute products in future as well. While poly bags are not sustainable and renewable resources as plastic is made from petroleum products which is depleting very fast.

3. To produce jute we don’t need to wait for long as the jute plant grows very fast(few months) and doesn’t need much water, energy, nutrients, labor or any other resources. On the other hand to produce papers we have to cut trees which takes more than 5 or 10 years to grow up. Thus here jute bag also score high over the paper made bags.

4. One other property of jute is that, it is a fire-resistant up to a big extent. In case of fire it would not stay lit for long and would prevent the fire from spreading through it. If fire starts accidentally in a home then jute carpet or rug will help to stop the spread of fires.

5. If we talk about the jute’s strength and durability then jute fiber is strong and durable. If proper care is taken then it can last for very long.

6. Jute production generates much employment in poor regions of the world. Jute industry supports an estimated 5 million people in the poorest regions on earth.

7. In producing trillions of plastic bags worldwide, billions of barrels of petroleum oil is used, which otherwise could be conserved for our future needs. At the end these plastic bags ends up in mounds of plastic bags somewhere in landfill sites, thus also encroaching our land which may be used for some other useful purpose like farming, dwelling, rearing, etc.

Today most of the jute manufactures produce a vast range of jute goods and products, like? jute bags, jute rugs, jute stationery, jute crafts,? jute carpets, etc. which are fully competitive to the goods made from plastic and any other synthetic materials. You can also add other eco friendly products like cotton bags, paper bags, recycled goods, organic food products,

About the Author

Author is one of the leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of fine quality jute made products & goods like bags, rugs, carpets, handicrafts and more. To buy or for more information on jute products click here.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Author is one of the leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of fine quality jute made products & goods like bags, rugs, carpets, handicrafts and more. To buy or for more information on jute products click here.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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Jute Wine Bags ? The Next Alternative

Jute is a slender, malleable, silky vegetable fiber that can be fashioned into rough, sturdy threads. It is manufactured from plants in the Corchorus family, which has been categorized in the genus Tiliaceae, or in more recent times in Malvaceae.

Jute is one of the most inexpensive and cost-effective natural fibers and is a close second only to cotton in quantities manufactured and a multitude of uses. Jute fibre is popularly known as hessian; jute materials are termed as hessian cloth and jute sacks are referred to as gunny bags in a number of European countries. In North America, the common name for jute is burlap.

Jute has achieved quite a reputation as being an eco-friendly choice compared to poly and paper bags Jute is utilized all over the world for its cost-effectiveness and has negative impact on the environment. Jute is also popular as promotional bags, and especially wine bags.

Striking wine bags in jute are a frenzy the world over. These wine bags can be in print and tailored as per your prerequisites. These bags are utilized for business gifting and endorsement. Jute wine bags are made for singular bottle, two bottles, three bottles, so on and so forth with or without window of translucent pane to present the complete sight of a bottle filled inside of the jute bag.

Jute bags are extremely eco-friendly, roomy and hard-wearing. All over the world, these bags are celebrated for their elevated tensile power, extensive resilience and heat resistance assets.

Jute bags provide quite a few functions and are presented in an enormous assortment of patterns, dimensions, forms, and color amalgamations. These bags consist of diverse attention-grabbing patterns including intangible ones, flower-patterns, and asymmetrical designs. Craftily planned and competently embellished jute bags accomplish the needs of each and every client or buyer.

Jute bags are incredibly eye-catching, stylish, and chic. It has become the most recent rage amongst fashion-forward people. These days, they are the most well-liked bags catering a massive amount of uses. Jute wine bags are the easiest on the pocket for promotional means in the world. Personalized dimensions and designs in jute wine bags are also offered in the market.

Jute is recognized as one of the most sturdiest and hard-wearing natural fiber. There are some appearances for which jute bags are extremely admired and used, because of its extreme tensile properties, great quality, firing and heating resistant qualities, 100% reusable, eco-friendly and also cost-effective.

Jute Wine or Liquor Bottle Bags are intended to be utilized as first-class casing by liquor establishments and many vineyards. These jute containers are perfect as gift options as well. Different wine establishments can procure their personal brands or logos featured on the bags. These bags can be utilized as outstanding promotional mementos for the guests to the chateau or vineyard.

A broad gamut of jute wine bags in an assortment of patterns and shapes is accessible by the makers of jute wine bottle bags. Jute wine bags have an array of straps such as cotton cords, cotton or fastenings or timber handles. Protected and grained jute is used in manufacturing wine bags.

Discount is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from beer mugs and champagne flutes to drinking glasses and tote bags.